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Did you know???

You don't need to have a full-time IT staff to have a "managed" website! This is the beautity of working with CDG Design Co.

We're able to facilitate your needs without the overhead of an on-site IT professional.

Need to change a price or description of a product? Maybe you want to place a special promotion prominitely on the site? Maybe you just need to change a phone number or email address that you have listed on the site. I can offer you quick, easy and most importantly INEXPENSIVE website maintenance. With no more than a brief phone conversation or email, these changes you need can be updated quickly from our site.

It's time to get social!

Have you gotten your company involved in social media? It's the quickest and easiest way to reach your current and even potential customer base. I can offer full maintenance of your social media accounts as well. These mediums can be used to quickly update your followers with promotions and specials that you may have available. It's also a great way to share events and news.

We realize that its not realistic that a customer will visit YOUR site every day, so with the social media flexibility, your company can now show up on THEIR respective social media news feeds.

Lets have a blast!

Email marketing is a simple way to quickly get information and specials into your customer's hands. We can help assemble beautiful email advertisement pages and deliver them right to you customer's in boxes.