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Over half of all internet searches now originate from mobile devices? Article

The reports project that the trend will continue to grow through 2019! It is imperative that your company's website have a pleasant experience while being viewed by a mobile device. Have you ever attempted to view a website on your phone or tablet that was not "mobile ready"? It's quite frustrating and the experience probably resulted in you closing the page and locating a better mobile solution.

I can offer your company a very simple and effective mobile solution for your current website. This will insure your customers STAY your customers!

Your site needs to only be an informational portal that customers can locate hours, location information and also contact information. 80% of business websites are for that purpose, alone.

Want to see what I mean by "mobilization" of your site? If you're viewing my site from a desktop computer, go ahead and take your mouse, click on the far right side of your web browser and hold it down. While doing that, drag the right edge of the web browser and slowly start shrinking the browser down. You'll notice that the site's' format beginning to change. This will ensure that no matter what size device you're viewing the page, you'll always receive a pleasurable web experience!