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Did you know???

CDG Design Co. offers many types of Photoshop solutions! Have a need for a flyer? Sure, you can put together a basic text flyer in your Microsoft Word program within minutes. Do you actually want people to pay attention to what the flyer says? Sure you do..

How about a small correction to a photo? Brightness... Darkness... Correction... Item removal...

Maybe you need a logo... Or want to make a slight change to a current logo...

Well, you'll need Adobe Photoshop skills for ALL of those things!

CDG Design Co. has those skills

Below are some thumbnail links to some actual Photoshop projects that have been completed. Take a look for yourself at the work that can be done with a little knowledge, patience and skill.

  • Megan Fox - Makeup Enhance
  • Naomi Watts - Makeup Enhance
  • Yellow Teeth Whitened

  • Western Union Restore
  • Old Photo Restore
  • Person Removed Photo

  • Pet Adoption Flyer
  • Tony's Menu
  • Movie Poster

  • UCamp Logo
  • AR Property Dev Logo
  • Tony's Logo
  • Gold Logo